EXIT HELP - Assisted SUicide

Assisting another person to end his or her life at that person's express wish. It differs from euthanasia inasmuch as it is the person themself who takes the final action rather than the doctor. The legal definition of what constitutes "assisting" varies from country to country. Eg, it can include providing or prescribing the drugs, or giving information.

Assisting a suicide is illegal in most countries. Provisions for helping residents exist in Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Oregon. Switzerland is the only country where there is a society (Dignitas) that is willing to help foreigners by prescribing drugs.

Exit provides information on suicide to members worldwide within the law by relying on the Scottish legal doctrine of Novus Actus Interveniens. Information is in the Exit booklet Departing Drugs and by way of articles in the Society's magazine, Exit Newsletter or by way of occasional workshops for members. Exit does not provide one-to-one counselling or assistance with suicide.