EXIT HELP - Departing Drugs

In 1993, Departing Drugs became the most authoritative book on self-deliverance available anywhere in the world.

Departing Drugs was the title of the research project, and subsequently published booklet, that examined self- deliverance drugs. The story of the research in this area was published in Chapter One of Beyond Final Exit and reprinted in Exit Newsletter.

Departing Drugs (principle author, Chris Docker) was the first international syllabus of drugs for self-deliverance, compiled by an international team using thousands of pages of collated data and the clinical evidence from the Netherlands. Scrutinized, by experts in several fields, it presented methods with illustrations and simple, thorough explanations. The book exploded myths about previously accepted self-deliverance drugs and shed new light on readily available drugs. It included a country-by-country index providing brand names for over twenty countries, and an extensive glossary. Proof of three months' membership of a right-to-die society is required. Available in several languages.

Departing Drugs evolved into the Five Last Acts series of books to contain expanded and up-to-date information (releases, 2007, 2010, 2013).