Benefits of a Code of Ethics

A code of ethics developed from the basic principles of Mensa's Constitution would be acceptable whether defended from altruistic or self-improvement motives.

  • 1. To be a socially responsible organisation
  • 2. To provide Employees and Official with guidelines
  • 3. To establish a better corporate culture
  • 4. To improve Mensa's public image
  • 5. To improve management
  • 6. To minimize the risk of white collar crime
  • Whilst the development of a Business Code of Ethics is a highly skilled and specialised task, implementation of conflict-avoiding ethical procedures can often be achieved by calling on the experience and free assistance of bodies such as the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. External standards, of themselves, tend to reduce friction from internal factions.

    Excerpted from "A Question of Ethics" by Chris Docker,
    published in British Mensa Magazine, October 1996.

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