"Best of" freeware and shareware

This page gives some of our favourite utilities and links to sites to find all your other software needs

My Yahoo!
My Yahoo News Ticker
A small bar that sits on your desktop that gives a continuous tickertape feed feed of such things as the latest headline news, stock quotes, sports scores, and weather reports. You can customise the information that is displayed and clicking on any headline launches a detailed report on your browser.

Spell Checker
for Edit Boxes. Especially useful for checking the spelling in an email before you send it (at the touch of Control+S or any other quick-key), this near-universal spell checker for Windows applications is an invaluable add-on for any text-based application.

A small sidebar with buttons to avoid retyping useful info such as your name, address, email, education details. Fully customisable, the buttons allow you to click and drag the info contained in them to another screen or the clipboard. Fastest way to auto-fill forms when submitting your webpages to search engines, and also useful for a variety of email needs to avoid retyping standard messages.

LView Pro
The most compact, comprehensive freeware graphics viewer available. Views and edits clipart, graphics and pictures in most formats. Can also produce transparent gifs from non-transparent ones.

FREE ViruSafe
Free Anti-Virus for WEB Browsers
A virus detector that kicks in automatically when you download files from the web and avoids saving any infected files to disk.

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